Hi, I'm Jenny Lewis. I found that my art and writing were bridges to connecting with people. I specialize in illustrating art for books, drawing and creating signs using paper cutouts, chalk, foam core and more.

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Hi, I’m
Jenny Lewis

Get to know me

Like many illustrators, I’ve dipped my toes into all sorts of media: from stained glass to digital art.  But the substance and simplicity of paper always draws me back.  My favorite process is a cross between painting and paper cutting; and although it takes a little more time and effort, I enjoy every moment it takes to bring my characters to life!

Since I was a shy, awkward kid, I found that my art and writing were bridges to connecting with people.  As a shy, awkward adult, my passion is still building and nurturing community, and my dream is to use those well-worn bridges to do it.

+ - What I do

When I was 8, I cut puppies out of a roll of wrapping paper and assembled them into a spectacularly monotonous board book.  Since then, I have loved taking things apart and putting them back together again.  This informed my fondness for my college 2-D design class, my momentary obsession with stained glass, and my current process which combines painting and papercutting.

+ - How I work

My parents’ insistence that I figure out how to entertain myself  when I was little resulted in my having a super-human attention span.  When I’m in the throes of a project, I typically sit at my table drawing, painting, cutting, gluing, and ignoring my need to eat, sleep, or blink.

+ - What I deliver

For better or worse, empathy is one of my strongest traits.  I realized recently that I mimic the faces I am trying to draw and thus often take on the emotions of my characters.  But I also favor an old-fashioned innocence and whimsy.  So my completed projects tend to encompass a combination of depth and lightheartedness.

My Working Process

Add Color
Cut and Paste
Final Product